Join Glow Row as they guide groups of kayakers in vibrant translucent kayaks under the night sky and calm waters of the Coastal Bend.



Glow Row provides a fantastic and unique experience for those who want to paddle out at night and see Corpus Christi coast under the moonlight. Kayaking in the Gulf is an incredible way of getting around, hanging out with friends, and sightseeing. With Glow Row now in the Coastal Bend, your kayaking experience can now be elevated as the company caters to providing an unrivaled tour of the coast.

This type of guided tour is also only the 4th company like itself in the United States. Guiding nighttime tours leaving from Sunset Island on North Padre Island on Fridays at 8:00 PM and 10:30 PM, Glow Row has translucent illuminating kayaks to traverse the bay. Each kayak has the capability for guests to control the glow from seven different color combinations and set the mood for the evening. The kayaks are 3 feet 3 inches wide and are the most trusted on the market. There is also enough space for the all-important cooler as the guided tour is B.Y.O.B. for those over the age of 21.


If you are not a strong swimmer or have concerns about being out in the open water, I would not let hesitation deter you. The staff at Glow Row provides all the necessary equipment to have a safe and excellent time. Zack is the operator of Glow Row and makes safety a top priority. Being C.P.R. certified and a licensed pilot, he is well versed in providing a safe environment for clients. Come as is with some friends and a case of drinks to keep those arms limber.

Each tour is approximately 60 to 90 minutes long as the tour paddles out in the calm of night to see the illuminated coastline along Sunset Island. The deepest pass can reach 600 feet in depth, depending on the route. Other routes allow visitors to reach the shallows out in the bay to see the local aquatic life. Some species that can be seen include Blue Crabs, Redfish, and Stingrays. These beautiful creatures can be spotted swimming along with the kayaks.   


Each tour requires a reservation, and you can book up to 6 months in advance. Starting March 2022, the company will be coming out of hibernation with the water warming up. Glow Row is available for people over the age of 18, and adult tickets range between $30-$40 for an unforgettable night experiencing the coast in clear kayaks.

Glow Row also provides gift cards that have been selling like “hotcakes!” Gift someone a wonderful experience and meet up at the departure point at Marker 37’s boat ramp on Sunset Island, where you, friends, and family can enjoy the Gulf Coast Capital in a new light.