Tex-Mex Curios

photos courtesy of Tex-Mex Curios unless otherwise indicated

"They’re looking for direction, they're looking for hope, and they're looking for healing – whether it's physical or spiritual," said Ana Avaknin of the many customers who patronize her family’s homeopathic and holistic curios shop, Tex-Mex Curios. About 25% of those regulars, she said, are visitors they welcome from out of town!

Tex-Mex Curios

photo by Visit Corpus Christi, Ana Avaknin, president of Tex-Mex Curios

1) Their Tonics Are Iconic

At Corpus Christi’s Tex-Mex Curios, “iconic” means at least two different things:

  • Three generations of the Orea family have been serving the area’s mind-body-spirit needs from their storefront on S. Staples Street since 1944 when Angelita and Alfonso Orea purchased the Tex-Mex News Stand from a local merchant. Tex-Mex Curios is considered a local landmark.
  • The shop (and the sister location on McArdle) specializes in icons of spirituality – altar votive candles dedicated to saints, statuettes of religious figures, lucky charms, ofrendas, ritual kits, tarot sets, holy water and much, much more. Tex-Mex Curios is alive with living traditions from all across the Americas.

Tex-Mex Curios

2) Mind, Body and Spirit Cures for What Ails Ya

These living traditions include methods of healing to knock out physical as well as spiritual ailments. For body wellness, they carry natural skin care products, vitamins, supplements, immune system boosters and energizers like Chaya Boom, a leafy green vegetable grown in the tropics and guaranteed to put some pep in your step!

One of their special-teas is top-quality herbal tea blends made by shop matriarch and herbalist – and daughter of shop founder/herbalist Angelita – Lucia Orea Chapa. (She got it from her mama!) Tex-Mex Curios specializes in all manner of herb, tincture and tea to clear out any pesky ill that may be troubling the mind, body or spirit. Grab a batch to brew up in your hotel room coffeemaker and some extras to bring home as gifts!

Tex-Mex Curios

photo by Visit Corpus Christi Texas

3) Spiritual Service With a Smile

The Orea family also offers a number of personalized services. Need to add some zing to your love life (or just get one in the first place)? Wish to clear the negativity out of your world? They provide candle burnings, card readings, cleansings, a free prayer wall and custom charms for any need or desire.

“A couple from San Antonio comes to get a cleansing from my husband every time they're in town,” said Ana Avaknin. “They feel that it's helped their relationship and their unity. We have regulars from Austin, Houston, Victoria, even Dallas!” When folks ask for recommendations, she guides them to great restaurants and her favorite beach: “Malaquite Beach!”

Tex-Mex Curios

Lucia Orea Chapa, owner, daughter of store founders Angelita and Alfonso Orea, and mother of Ana Avaknin (left); the Tex-Mex Curios family (right)

So if you are in need of a physical or spiritual cleanse, some insight and healing – or maybe you are just curious, come book your trip to visit with the Orea family to shop for items to put on your altar and come see this wonderful side of Corpus Christi!