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All photos by Visit Corpus Christi unless otherwise noted

Chuy’s Fine Tex-Mex is downright quirky. Some might even say Austin-tatiousBorn in Texas’s capital city, Chuy’s is a Lone Star legend. Chuy’s Corpus Christi opened up last year and fits right in with Corpus Christi’s take-it-easy coastal lifestyle.

Here are 5 silly things you’d better not miss at Chuy’s Corpus Christi:

1. Elvis Has Taken Over the Building


Legend has it that the dudes who founded Chuy’s 35 years ago had zero budget to decorate. So they hung up a velvet Elvis painting and called it “décor.” Customers brought in their own Elvis memorabilia, and a theme was born. Corpus Christi’s shrine features a gallery of celebrity portraits – all dressed like the King.

Each year on January 8, every single Chuy’s celebrates the rock & roll monarch’s birthday with a party loaded with prizes and Elvis tributes

2. Not All the Décor is Elvis


Some of it is hub caps! While each Chuy’s is unique (no two are alike), similar themes run throughout. One front room has a ceiling glistening with chrome wheel covers from just about every car model you can imagine.

Did you know that all Chuy’s have unique hidden décor themes? Corpus Christi’s theme is sea turtles, and there are 24 of the little cuties hidden in plain sight throughout the building. Don’t say we didn’t warn you: Some people become obsessed trying to find them!


And not all of the décor is tacky-chic. The tile work, hand-painted signs and other unique design elements are feasts for the eye – and go along nicely with feasts for your belly!

3. Creamy Jalapeño and Other Saucy Goodness


Chuy’s is Texas/Mexican comfort food to the max… Tex-Max! When you sit down, you’re greeted by some of the fastest, friendliest servers in the biz, delivering thin and crispy house-fried tortilla chips, salsa and a dangerously tempting dip called Creamy Jalapeño that’ll hook you like a fish.

Order up a Chuy’s Famous Rita – on the rocks, frozen, swirl or dot – to melt away the day. Then get ready to tackle that menu.

4. Boom Boom = Yum Yum

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OMG the FOOD! The Chicka-Chicka Boom-Boom plate, featuring Chuy’s cheesy Boom Boom sauce, is a pile-up of chicken enchilada nirvana and but one of Chuy’s signature dishes and but one of Chuy’s yummy sauces.

Take it from us: The Chuychanga, the “Big-as-Yo-Face” burritos, the Elvis Green Chile Fried Chicken and everybody’s combo fave #1 Comida Deluxe featuring cheese enchiladas, chicken flautas, a sirloin crispy taco, guac and chile con queso are all belly-busters par excellence.

5. It’s Nacho Car, but It’s Definitely Your Happy Hour


See that cherry red 1959 Ford Fairlane Galaxie 500 that looks like it drove right into the wall? That beaut serves up free – yes, FREE – chips, salsa, queso, beans, taco meat and more, weekdays for happy hour, 4:00 -7:00 p.m. right out of its trunk, in the Chihuahua Bar. Yes, there are Chihuahuas all over the walls, and customers earn a free appetizer for contributing a framed pic of their little Pocito to add to the collection. Grab a drink special with the locals settling in after a tough day in paradise.

Who are we kidding? There are no tough days in paradise! Especially with Chuys’ on the scene! Get down here to Corpus Christi and after all that fun in the sun, order up some comfort Tex-Mex and try not to fall headfirst into that Creamy Jalapeño!