We all know that the beach is the biggest draw of tourism in the Coastal Bend, but what you may not know is that there are many other site-worthy nature spots across this region. Whether you are wanting a nice morning stroll out in nature or wanting to go out with the family to watch the ducks flopping around in the pond, the Coastal Bend has you covered! So go outside, get some fresh air and explore these 8 hidden nature gems!

Tule Hike & Bike Trail

Tule Hike & Bike Trail

Just over the Harbor Bridge and a few miles north, you will find the quant fishing community of Rockport, Texas. Along with the many open water views and fishing spots, there is a wonderful Hike and Bike Trail located amidst all of Rockport's famous oak trees. Explore this natural area along the Tule Hike and Bike Trail! This is a fantastic exploration opportunity for some alone time or for that afternoon family bike ride. Located here.

Blucher Park


Close to Downtown Corpus Christi and just off the beaten path, you will find one of the best birding spots in the area! Submerged amongst the trees, explore the crushed granite and sanded trails of Blucher Park. This is a perfect spot to get that afternoon walk in to explore the natural habitat of the city. 100 block of Carrizo St.

Hans and Pat Suter Wildlife Refuge

Hans and Pat.JPG

Hans and Pat Suter Wildlife Refuge, located on Ennis Joslin Road and Nile Road, offers nature lovers an ideal spot to observe birds and wildlife along the Oso Bay. Take a walk on the 1-mile nature trail and an 800-foot boardwalk for good views of Oso Bay, grassy marshes, woodlands and mudflats. Ennis Joslin at Nile

Schanen Hike and Bike Trail


Check out Corpus Christi's newest hike and bike trail! Tucked in the neighborhoods on the Southside of town, you will find a newly paved 10-foot-wide, mile-long trail. Grab the kiddo's and explore this new trail open to the public! Sun Valley Dr.

The Big Tree

Big Tree.png

Who knew that one of the largest and oldest oak trees in the NATION was located in the Coastal Bend?! That's right! The Big Tree in Rockport, Texas, is worth going to see! Located in Goose Island State Park. The tree is over 1,000 years old. 202 S. Palmetto St.

Oso Bay Wetlands Nature Trail


The Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve & Learning Center in Corpus Chrsiti is a 162-acre nature preserve that is filled with the wonders of our natural world! Come out and explore the 4 miles of nature viewing trails and walk away with a new found experience and understanding. The Learning Center is open to all visitors. Come and learn about the importance of protecting the wetlands for future generations to enjoy. 1446 N. Oso Pkwy.

Oso Creek Hike and Bike


Explore the back roads of the city along the Oso Creek Bike Trail! Whether on foot or on wheels, this hidden nature gem will have you experiencing a whole different side of Corpus Christi. So strap in, put your helmet on and enjoy the ride. Located here.

Bear Creek Hike and Bike Trail

Bear Creek.JPG

Discover one of the newest additions of trails, the Bear Creek Hike and Bike Trail! Tucked behind residential neighborhoods, you can enjoy the beautiful crushed granite trail. Perfect for your morning run or evening walk. Located at Bill Witt City Park.

Lakeview Park


Meet some feathery friends and enjoy some peace and quiet right in the middle of central Corpus Christi! At Lakeview Park, there is something for everyone. Whether you want to feed the ducks with the kiddos, play on the playground or find a quiet space to catch up on some leisurely reading, this park has it! 7110 Roddfield Rd.

Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi Hike & Biking Trail

biking tamucc

The Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi Hike and Biking Trail wraps around the Ward island and is designed to be enjoyed by both fitness enthusiasts and nature explorers! This 7.3-mile is lighted from dusk until dawn everyday and is an excellent location to walk, bike, in-line skate or jog while taking in the splendor of Ward Island. Bring along your pet! Just make sure they stay on a leash. 6300 Ocean Dr.


These hidden nature gems offer something for everyone! So now it's your turn to get outdoors and explore the natural elements of beautiful Corpus Christi. #SeeCC