Experience the thrill of pickleball where adrenaline meets the combination of tennis, badminton, and ping pong, and players use solid paddles to volley a perforated plastic ball over a modified tennis net. Whether you prefer the outdoor breeze or indoor action, this rapidly growing sport is a great fast-paced activity for players of all levels. Read below to discover exciting places to play pickleball in Corpus Christi.

Al Kruse Tennis & Pickleball 

The Al Kruse Tennis and Pickleball Center invites players to grab their paddles and join the excitement with 10 dedicated outdoor pickleball courts. Visitors can enjoy open play, lessons for beginner and intermediate players, or even join tournaments.


Corpus Christi Athletic Club 

The Corpus Christi Athletic Club offers intro clinics that delve into technique, drilling, and match play strategy, or you can just head over for open play on Friday evenings where players of all levels gather for matches on the indoor courts. This is free for members or $25 + tax for non-members. 

Ben Garza Recreation Gym  

Find 3 indoor wood courts for your next pickleball adventure at Ben Garza Recreation Gym. Their newly redone high gloss gym courts now feature permanent lines for pickleball, and portable nets are available to set up your indoor game field. A one-time fee is required to play.

Find your pickleball court of choice and let the games begin!

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