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It's that physics-defying glide, that wind-through-the-hair, cutting-through-the-air feeling… Skateboarding is named "sidewalk surfing" for good reason; it shares a lot with its sibling surf culture:

  1. Both are mind-, body- and spirit-freeing exercises of self-expression
  2. Both involve the use of boards
  3. Both embrace degrees of aptitude: While it can be an all-encompassing way of life for many, beginners are welcome.
  4. Both have their own language: If you skate, words like “tic-tac,” “kickflip” and “ollie” make a lot of sense.


  1. Both need a lot of space to do it.

As evidenced by the long duration of the area’s skate shops the Coastal Bend’s skate pioneers of the 60s and 70s rolled anywhere they could find something smooth.

Welcome to Olliewood! You better believe that Corpus Christi has plenty of safe and challenging parks created just for skaters.

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  • Corpus Christi Skatepark at Cole Park on the bay features a sweet bowl and plenty of rails and vertical walls. It was recently rehabbed just in time for the annual Go Skateboarding Day in mid-June. There’s nothing like skating bayside. Now that’s a view to a thrill!
  • Super kid-friendly Susie Dugan Skate Park, located just across Ocean Drive from Cole Park, is a private park on the grounds of a church and is open to the public (helmet and parent's signature required).
  • Flour Bluff Skate Park in Wranosky Park opened its first phase in 2013. The sheer existence of this radical maze of ramps and rails is thanks to a high schooler's proposal and some furious fundraising muscle from local merchants and social clubs.

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  • In 2010, the Port Aransas Skate Park opened in Community Park, offering 10,000 square feet of hubba ledges, stairs, banks and two large bowls on Mustang Island.
  • Ingleside Skate Park has been “described by pro skaters as the ‘best in the state of Texas,’” according to the website, and we believe it, with features like the amoeba bowl, 8 ft. bonus pocket, flow bowl, a water fall, a funbox and so much more.
  • Rockport Community Aquatic & Skate Park features 6,000 square feet of ramps and rails and righteous ride. No children under 10 years of age.

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When you plan your trip to Corpus Christi, you can rest assured that there are plenty of places to skate. So pack your deck, call a skatebud and get ready to grab some air.