As summer approaches, the Gulf Coast Capital prepares for a burst of color and creativity along the vibrant streets of Downtown Corpus Christi with its annual Mural Fest. Each mural captures the essence of Corpus Christi with a blend of fun, historic, and cultural vibes that make our city unique.


What is Mural Fest?  

Mural Fest was created to celebrate the history and culture of Corpus Christi, while enhancing the visuals in the Marina Arts District with the addition of large-scale murals. Each participating muralist has been inspired to showcase different aspects of Corpus Christi including the beach, Harbor Bridge, local pets, the Naval Air Station, tropical plants, marine life, and more.

At MuralWalk, visitors can take self-guided tours to admire the vibrant murals and collect "artographs" from the participating talented national artists. Also, the festival will feature its monthly ArtWalk festivities, including lively block parties on Chaparral, Lomax, Peoples, and Starr Streets, and park celebrations at La Retama and Artesian Parks. These gatherings will host over 100 pop-up vendors, local food trucks, and live music both on the streets and within certain establishments. 



June 1-8, All day

Downtown Corpus Christi 

View as these large scale works of art come to life in Downtown Corpus Christi. 

June 4, 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. 

Whataburger Field 

Meet the Muralists and get artographs during Mural Take Over at CC Hooks.

June 5, 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. 

Art Center of Corpus Christi 

Enjoy local vendors, food trucks, and a chance for photo ops with muralists at the Grow Local Farmer’s Market

June 6, 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. 

K Space Contemporary 

Enjoy education day and browse various art exhibitions on display.

June 7, 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. 

Downtown Corpus Christi 

See the finished product! Venture downtown to see the 5 new, large-scale murals, meet the muralists, and get artographs while enjoying 100+ local vendors, food trucks, live music, and art exhibitions.


2024 Artist Line-Up 

  • Anthony Brooks - 410 N Chaparral Street  

  • Stephanie Sanz – Northwater Apartments, 1001 N Water Street   

  • Sonny Behan – Retama Vista Apartments, 425 Schatzell Street  

  • Andrey Kravtsov– Aka Sushi Downtown, 415 N Water Street  

  • Creative Culture, a collective of local artists led by Jeremy Flores – The Ward Building, 541 N Chaparral Street 


Past Murals  

From the “Fair is Fair” mural that celebrates the 1980’s cult classic film, “The Legend of Billie Jean” that was filmed in Corpus Christi and the “Sweet Farrah” mural that pays tribute to Corpus Christi native, Farrah Fawcett in her iconic pose, to a variety of large scale pieces celebrating Corpus Christi’s marine life, music, culture, and more, there is plenty to capture in photos or just take a moment and appreciate the beauty and intricacy of these life size works of art. There is even a 14,400 square foot ground mural at Norma Urban Park, honoring the memory of Norma Urban, who passed away from breast cancer in 2008. The mural features hot pink breast cancer ribbons atop a yellow, blue, and green geometric design, creating a more vibrant and engaging public space.


Traveling Artists   

When Mural Fest rolls around, artists from around the United States join the locals to create an eclectic fusion of artistic styles and backgrounds, adding vibrancy to Corpus Christi’s art scene. While some of the previous artists came from nearby areas like the Rio Grande Valley, others came from Chicago, Los Angeles, Michigan, Miami, and Hawaii to share their talents in the Corpus Christi Marina Arts District. This year, there will be local artists along with artists from New York, Dallas, Germany, and South Africa.