Jeremy Flores, known artistically as DaskOne, is a rising star in the Corpus Christi art scene and has been recognized by the state of Texas for his many artistic contributions.

When Jeremy first saw graffiti on the trains in Houston, he was intrigued by its artistic style and determined to learn more about it. He made it his mission to learn the technique, and years later, Jeremy began traveling all over Texas and California, honing his skills, and learning more styles. Over time, his fascination with using spray paint for art blossomed into a passion for bringing color and life into our community through life-sized murals.  

When Jeremy needs inspiration, he looks towards nature, animals, and life in general. He likes to create masterpieces with deeper meanings behind them so that viewers can make their own interpretations. An example is his current piece – a statue with a diving board as a head, and a tree growing from it. On the surface, this is a creatively designed statue, but the deeper meaning lies in the act of overthinking and making things bigger than they need to be.  


Although nature heavily inspires his work, his main source of inspiration is the future generations of children, and he works through his Cre8ive Culture initiative to encourage young people to use their creativity, talent, and energy in positive ways. From visiting schools for career day and mentoring future artists to helping his former art teacher teach students spray painting techniques, Jeremy works to show the younger generation that you can make a living as an artist. 

Spray paint is Jeremy’s choice of medium. “Outdoor canvases are very textured and spray paint is the best for painting exterior rough surfaces,” explains Jeremy. However, before each mural, he creates a practice canvas on paper, where he gets to use paint and a paintbrush.  

Aside from being incredibly talented, Jeremy also loves to give back to the community. As his career flourishes, he uses the money to purchase commercial properties and redevelop them into vibrant works of art. One of his recent projects, Art on Ayers, drew media attention for its inspirational purpose.


Jeremy explains his mission behind Art on Ayers, “I’ve seen art transform communities all over the country, and now I want to use the power of art to uplift our underserved communities, while also providing support to them in a very real way.” 

This project involved painting murals down Ayers Street to breathe color and life back into the area, and to remind people of how beautiful the part of town still has the potential to be. 

Art on Ayers came to fruition after Jeremy was invited to Art Basel in Florida in 2021 to revitalize the historic Wynwood neighborhood by transforming it with public art and bringing that inspiration back home.


Jeremy’s work has been highly visible in Nueces County and a few notable murals he is responsible for include: 

  • The Dokyo Wall” on the exterior of Dokyo Dauntaun 
  • The “Greetings from Corpus Christi” mural  
  • "The Hummingbird” mural at Studio 44 Apartments 
  • The “Super Mario” mural at Retro Corpus 

Jeremy also played an integral role in the city’s first Mural Fest, which allowed for the creation of six new murals located in Downtown Corpus Christi.

The future continues to look bright for Jeremy. For the last two and a half years, he has been studying sculpture art, even traveling to Europe to learn. His first sculpture is in the works and will be displayed at the bus station on Ayers, upon completion of the station’s remodeling.

For more on Jeremy, his artwork, and the amazing things he does for our community visit his platforms: