Corpus Christi may not be as famous for its plant-based cuisine as it is for its seafood or Mexican food, but did you know that there are plenty of vegan options available throughout the city? Whether you are fully vegan, a curious foodie, or just have a vegan friend or family member that you are looking out for, here are some of the best plant-based dishes the Gulf Coast Capital currently has to offer – I challenge you to try them all!



A locally owned Thai restaurant, BKK features dishes that are bursting with flavor and has a menu complete with all the vegan options clearly labeled. The fried rice dishes, stir fry plates, noodle dishes, and most curry dishes can be made vegan by request. You cannot go wrong with any choice you make here. On the separate sushi menu sits the Origin, a savory roll that includes beech mushrooms and serrano peppers. After deciding on your entrée, make sure to pair it with the chips and curry appetizer and a vegan Thai tea made with coconut milk!


Marty Mcpies

Not your typical pizza food truck, Marty McPies offers personal-sized pies made from scratch with the freshest ingredients. Mindful of their vegan friends, they have had vegan cheese on the menu since opening in 2021. Simply being able to eat pizza with your loved ones means a lot on its own, but even better is the fact that these pies are legitimately delicious, whether you decide to keep it simple with plain vegan cheese or load on all the veggies. You're most likely to find their food truck at the Grow Local Farmers' Market on Wednesdays and ArtWalk on first Fridays!


Pho Life

This Vietnamese powerhouse will always hold a special place in my heart and my stomach. There is an entire vegetarian section on the menu, but the fried tofu pho, made with a vegetable broth, is literally comfort in a bowl. If it is not really “soup weather”, the garlic tofu is another fresh and flavorful go-to dish.


Bien Merite

This Paris-inspired pink paradise is a local bakery and café that also has an array of delicious vegan options all labeled on their menu. Try the vegan yogurt bowl, made with coconut milk and agave nectar, or the veggie-packed vegan sandwich. If you are looking for something a little sweeter, go for a slice of chocolate chip banana matcha banana bread. For full-on decadence, they typically have rich vegan cake slices in the case. Their drink offerings are also fun and extensive, from coffees, matcha lattes, mylks, teas, and smoothies. The lavender lemonade is a must-try.


Kuzina Lebanese Grill

Another local staple, this family-owned Mediterranean restaurant has several outstanding vegan options, all clearly labeled. Start the meal off with the fried cauliflower and then good luck choosing between a plate or one of the four vegan wraps. The mixed vegan wrap paired with hot crispy fries is a definite favorite.


Pho Tastic & Deli

This Vietnamese restaurant has a vegan section on its menu with eight cozy tofu-centric dishes to choose from, such as curry tofu or spicy ginger tofu. If you have noodles on your brain, the chow fun with tofu and veggies is another delicious option. Located in Island Gate Plaza, this is a particularly perfect spot to stop for a quick bite to eat if you happen to be shopping nearby.


Authentic New York Pizza

No longer do vegans have to settle for cheese-less pizzas thanks to local joints like Authentic New York Pizza. Not only do they have a classic-style Vegan Cheese sitting on the Specialty Pizza section of their menu, but they also have meat alternatives and any veggies you’d like. Bonus: they just opened a second location on the island!


Zambra Fusion Cafe

Zambra Fusion Cafe has an incredibly lengthy menu featuring cuisines from around the globe. The vegan options, and there are many, are all clearly labeled. With a menu overflowing with so much flavor, it’s nearly impossible to choose between dishes like the Ultimate Sloppy Mo-Jo, a sandwich made with grilled zucchini, potatoes, Beyond sausage, BBQ sauce, avocado mash, and cabbage slaw, or the Vegan Spicy Cilantro Pasta.  Recommendation: go with your gut here!


Cake n' Bake

This 100% vegan cottage baker does not miss with any of her custom cakes, cheesecakes, or giant pop-tarts. Everything she creates is both beautiful and mouthwatering. In fact, it is quite bittersweet to eat her tasty works of art. Make sure to order your cake ahead of time so it will be ready for you on the day you need it. She takes orders in advance via direct message on Instagram. She is incredibly easy to communicate with and open-minded to creating your dream cake!


Cookie + Crumb Bakeshop

This local woman-owned bakery always has a vegan option on deck. The extra-large snickerdoodle is cookie perfection, but if you are looking for something heftier and more shareable, you must try the vegan deluxe cookie. This monster of a cookie is packed with seasonal deliciousness, usually in the form of nuts, chocolate chips and spices, and sometimes even with dried fruit or vegan marshmallows. They also offer a variety of bottled oat milk drinks, made in-house. If available, the Mexican vanilla oat milk latte is a great pick (beware these aren’t all vegan or labeled but the staff is knowledgeable).


The Vine Juice Co.

For a cleaner, healthier vegan option, The Vine Juice Co. offers a wide selection of raw cold-pressed juices, juice shots, smoothies, smoothie bowls, as well as toasts and snacks. Even more awesome is that every item on the menu is vegan!


PRODUCE GOODS + Micro Bodega

As the name suggests, this is a small bodega located on Peoples Street in the heart of downtown. They offer a few fun vegan-friendly brands, such as Happi Oat Milk Chocolates, Guayaki Yerba Mate, and a vegan staple: chips! They also occasionally offer grab & go options, such as curry chickpea sandwiches. If you are downtown, this is a must-stop.