It can seem like a catch-22 to find both an educational experience AND one your kids will actually enjoy. Luckily, Corpus Christi is home to a TON of kid-friendly activities and experiences that also happen to be educational. We really have the best of both worlds.

1. Sea Turtles

Padre Island National Seashore Baby Turtles

Did you know Corpus Christi has other frequent tourists that don’t walk on two legs? Sea turtle releases tend to occur between mid-June and August. Most of the public releases take place at 6:45 AM at Malaquite Beach in front of the Visitors Center on North Padre Island. So, if you want to catch a glimpse of the little ones before they reach the sea, you’ll have to rouse the kids extra early! You can keep track of the nests researchers have found so far and their anticipated hatch dates here. Seeing Kemp’s ridley sea turtles is something that must be done in person!

2. Old Bayview Cemetery


Corpus Christi has played a big part in quite a few events in the United States’ history. You’d think that a cemetery wouldn’t be the place to learn about these events, right? Wrong! Old Bayview Cemetery is the oldest federal military cemetery in Texas, so you can be sure there are some stories hidden amongst the headstones. When the cemetery comes alive through the Voices of South Texas, you can speak with some residents of the cemetery and learn about their lives and what brought them to the cemetery.

3. The USS Lexington

SeeCC USS Lexington

The USS Lexington, commissioned in 1943, served the United States longer and set more records than any other carrier in naval aviation history. The World War II-vintage aircraft carrier, nicknamed the Blue Ghost, logged over 209,000 miles in her lifetime. Walk around the ship on your own or opt for a guided tour to have an expert take you through the vessel that was reported sunk four times!

4. Geocaching

Take your kids on a real-life treasure hunt with geocaching. Mustang Island is a goldmine of caches if you know just where to look. Rely on your iPhone or Android app to track down the hidden store of goodies. Your kids will feel like pirates digging up the boxes to reveal a secret treasure! Make sure to leave a record of who found the cache and when you found it for the next group to find.


Fun and educational activities don’t have to be mutually exclusive. There are tons of events and activities in Corpus Christi to enrich your kids that they’ll go wild for.

Booking your next family vacation? Corpus Christi has everything in one beautiful city. See you soon!