While wading in the water, you and your friends are encircled by sharks. Navigating the 400,000-gallon ecosystem created by the Texas State Aquarium, the environment is safe for guests to experience aquatic life in a more intimate setting.


Where else can you swim safely with the guaranteed chance of seeing sandbar sharks, stingrays, and eels? Dive into this unique experience at the Texas State Aquarium! The snorkeling cage can hold up to 4 guests and allows visitors to get up close and personal with aquatic animals. The best part is no prior snorkeling experience is required. The only requirement is that you must be 8 years or older. Aquarium staff assist throughout the encounter, providing a mask and snorkel.

If you're ready for the thrill of being one with the sharks and seeing the world from a different perspective, don't miss out on this unique opportunity at the Texas State Aquarium. Learn more about this exclusive encounter here.


Though the experience is not for everyone, the Texas State Aquarium is still a premier destination with several exhibits to view and interact with aquatic life. The aquarium also provides a variety of other events and exclusive encounters worth the experience like feeding the fish, petting stingrays, and seeing dolphin presentations.

Lastly, with proximity to all that Downtown Corpus Christi has to offer, The Texas State Aquarium is a beautiful place to start a weekend of adventures or act as a catalyst for a wonderful family trip. So come visit the Gulf Coast Capital and the Texas State Aquarium! The sand sharks and their friends are waiting to meet you.