It’s no secret that Corpus Christi is home to glorious beaches. From Mustang Island to Padre Island Seawall Beach, Corpus Christi’s beaches are unrivaled in their beauty. However, it’s important to keep those beaches as spotless and pristine as they’ve ever been. Be a sustainable beachgoer on your next visit to Corpus Christi’s beaches and take care of our beautiful ecosystems.


Leave It Cleaner

The cardinal rule of going to the beach is cleaning up after yourself. You should leave the beach with everything you arrived with if not more. Leave your area cleaner than you found it if you can.

Avoid bringing anything non-recyclable to the beach like straws and plastic bags. Opt instead for:

  • Reusable bags
  • Reusable water bottles
  • Titanium straws so there’s less to throw away at the end of your visit!


Take the Road More Travelled

Those signs are there for a reason. Stay on the trails as you’re walking through the dunes. Beach dunes aren’t just there to look pretty. They also protect the coast from major storms, and the grasses that grow there serve to prevent beach erosion. Don’t tamper with the dunes to help preserve the beach for future generations.

Go Green

A lot of conventional sunscreens include harmful chemicals that cause harm to coral reefs and other delicate ocean ecosystems. Instead, search for an eco-friendly, biodegradable sunscreen that will still protect you from the sun’s rays while also being gentle on the ocean.


Be Respectful

Of course, that starfish would look spectacular on your Instagram feed, but do you know where it would look even better? Right where you found it. Keep your hands off the wildlife, don’t feed them (they know how to do that themselves!), and don’t swim too close to any fish (but they’ll probably swim away from you first).


Educate Yourself

Brush up on your beach know-how before heading out to sea. Riptides can be invisible to the eye but incredibly dangerous if you are caught in one. If you feel yourself being pulled out to sea, swim parallel to the beach, not back toward the shore.

Don’t dive headfirst into the surf until you know how deep the water is. It could save your neck!

With so many gorgeous Corpus Christi beaches, we want to ensure they stay that way for many many many years! Be conscious of the impact your visit to the beach might have and take the steps to be a more sustainable beachgoer.